Clarity.  Something often missing from my life.  I generally have lots of things buzzing around my head.  Ideas mostly.   But these last 10 days I’ve been taking part in Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge and this is day 10.  The last one (sob) and I’m thinking about what I’ve gained from the experience.

Looking back over my blog posts and thinking about what I did, or felt, or learnt from each one I realise that Day 2 – all about finding your ‘why’ was the best bit for me.  In fact I think the best thing I have written through this whole process was my why statement and the sentence that followed it.  Here it is again:

To live a less time restricted life and to inspire others to do the same in order to bring more happiness into the world.

Time allows us to do the things that are important to us in our hearts. To love, help and take care of ourselves and others.  These are things that make us truly happy.

Even reading it now makes me smile.

I have learnt so much these last 10 days but today  I had a moment of perfect clarity.  It was as if all the exercises I’ve done this week suddenly came together and I had the absolute conviction that I know exactly what my business should be.  In fact it isn’t the ‘idea’ that has been buzzing around in my head all week.  It’s  a project I started once before and got up and running before the days of Facebook and social media and to be honest it wasn’t so much a business as a hobby involved with something I love.  I now realise that this is the key to my freedom lifestyle.  And now I have learnt some of the steps, habits and processes to make it happen.

So thank you Natalie for the last 10 days.  For sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm and for pushing me to think of things that have fired me up to go after the lifestyle I want.  But more importantly thank you for my moment of clarity.  And thanks to everyone else on this challenge for sharing your blogs with me.  For being, funny, clever, inspiring and motivating.  Good luck to each and every one of you.


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