Well, little did I know this morning where I’d end up tonight!  I’m taking part in Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 7 and today I had to go do something out my usual run of things, something that was fun.

It wasn’t difficult to decide what to do.  I love being near the sea, so I got in my car and made a 3 hour trip to beautiful Pembrokeshire in West Wales.  The sun was shining, the sky was blue,  the traffic was dreadful(!) but I knew it would be worth it.  Two reasons for this, firstly it was a beautiful day to be in Pembrokeshire, and secondly tomorrow  is Ironman Wales.

I was lucky enough to witness this event by chance a few years ago and had one of the best, most inspiring days ever.  Obviously it helps that it’s held in such a beautiful place but the sheer grit and determination of the competitors is something to be seen.  Most of these competitors will have trained for the whole year.  On top of their day jobs because they want it badly enough.  And if they can go out in all weathers to run and cycle and seaswim then I’m damn sure I get my act together enough to make time to get a successful on-line business off the ground.

The bad news is I don’t have any pictures of the Ironman Event.  I’m getting up at 5.15 in the morning for that but I did take a lovely picture of what looked like a viking invasion on our shores this afternoon!!


You see these are the things I want in my life.  Blue skies, blue seas, different vistas, people enjoying themselves.  I really can’t wait to get to a position where days like this can be my norm.


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