I’m doing ‘something’ right now.  I’m typing.  And thinking.  Multi tasking, lol.  However this post is more about the things you don’t get done.  You know, the ones on your list that you’re going to get round to… when the time is right, when you’ve worked out exactly how you want them to look, when you can afford to, when this, when that.

I have some of these.  I’m taking part in Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 6 and today is all about procrastination.  Natalie gets right to the nitty gritty.  It’s no good saying you want more freedom in your life but not actually doing the things that will get you there.  That’s just shirking!  Stop making excuses.

So.  I have an N day.  That’s Notice Day.  The day I’m planning on handing my notice in for my 9 – 5.  It’s a few months away.  I have committed to it by writing it LARGE on my calendar, in my phone, on my fridge!  So what am I doing in the meantime to progress an on-line income as this is what I’m going to need?  Well, I haven’t quite whittled down my list of possible projects to just one, but even when I’ve done that I’m not so naive as to think I will suddenly have the perfect income from it.  I will need to do other things too whilst it’s gaining momentum.  I have a list of these other things.  Work I could do online that would create some income for me.

The problem is that so far I haven’t actually done any of them.  I’ve just looked at them and thought yes, that could work for me, I could earn money doing that.  I’ve been procrastinating.  Waiting till ‘nearer the time’ or ‘when I’ve decided what my main project will be’.  So,  I’m taking Natalie’s challenge to heart (and loving it).  Today I will register, sign up, create a profile, or advertise for work on one of the sites on my list.  And tomorrow I will do another one, and the next day the next one on my list.  And when I’ve registered for all of them each day I will go look if there’s anything relevant to me and apply for it.  And keep applying until I get some work.  I will make time to do any work that comes my way as I have to think of it as my future income stream, one that will help get me to my perfect life.

Thanks Natalie for the push 🙂


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