I’m loving the challenge set today as part of  Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Blog Challenge Day 5.   I have to create a daily success plan – how I’m going to plan out what I’m going to do to help me achieve my perfect life.

Today I have 2 hours set aside for working on my new venture.  Following Natalie’s advice I’m going to break it down into 4 chunks that look something like this :

  • Write today’s blog post (on it!!)  25 mins
  • Break – go outside and have a look at the garden – maybe deadhead some of the flowers.  5 mins only – don’t get distracted.
  • Do a wordpress tutorial – Only started using this a few days ago and I have loads to learn. There are plenty of free tutorials so I’m going to pick one of the basic ones and run through that.  25 mins
  • Break for a cuppa
  • Work on my ‘elevator speech’.  A short concise version of what I’m aiming to do.  I always think this sounds simple but in reality is quite difficult to get right.  I’ve already had a few attempts which have ended up in the bin so would really like to nail this one.
  • Break – another one! Get away from the laptop – 5 mins of yoga stretches.
  • Start making notes about who my perfect client would be.  This is sort of in my head but I think I need to get clearer on it.

That feels good!  I’m very much a ‘list’ person, love being organised and particularly love the feeling of achievement you get at the end of completing your list.

I’m off to the garden now ……

#10DBC #freedomplan


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