Another day, another challenge.  This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge – day 3. And I’m loving it!

My perfect life involves living part of the year here in Wales and the rest of the time living abroad.  So for my perfect day scenario, as it’s grey and rainy here,  I’ve decided to cheer myself up by thinking about my perfect day in one of my favourite cities, Barcelona, Spain.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed thinking about it and writing it.

I wake up, not to an alarm clock, but to the light streaming through the window and the sounds from the street below rising up to my window.   I get out of bed and push open the french doors that lead out to my little terrace, 4 floors above the street in an old and beautiful part of the city.  The sky is blue with no cloud, the warmth is already in the day despite the early hour.  I go back to the kitchen and pour myself some orange juice and cut up  fresh fruit to eat with my yoghurt and take it all back out to the terrace.  Below me the sound of Spanish greetings, of delivery men and dog walkers chatting.  I love it here.  I enjoy my breakfast taking in the sights and sounds of my street and then wash and put on my trainers and workout gear.  I then walk the 10 minutes to the seafront for some excercise.  Sometimes a jog, sometimes a walk, sometimes some yoga or a swim. It’s the best way to start my day.  On my return I shower and dress and am ready to start work by 9.

Work – only it doesn’t really feel like work anymore because I just enjoy it so much.

I set up my laptop on the terrace and become absorbed in the tasks at hand.  Writing content for my website, answering e mails, taking skype calls, listening to podcasts that have value for me.  Helping others to find time and happiness in their lives.  It’s amazing how quickly the 4 hours I put aside for this go by.  At lunchtime I go out into the street and meet with a friend for a coffee and some lunch.  I’ve made a real effort to learn Spanish and as most of my friends here are learning English we speak in a bit of both languages  – it must sound strange to people listening in.

My afternoons vary but today I’m firstly giving an hour’s English lesson by Skype and them I’m going to a Spanish language class which I love.  Later I will ring family back home and then maybe walk down to the beach or visit a museum or gallery.  There’s no end of options.

Well I’m way over my word limit for this challenge so I’m going to stop  now.  I’m going to stop writing but I’m not going to stop thinking… I’m sure my perfect evening is going to be every bit as good.

#10DBC #freedomplan